Top Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Pakistan | How to Join

Affiliate Marketing Programs in Pakistan

Affiliate marketing is very popular all over the World. There are million of entrepreneur and blogger across the world who are earning a lot of Money. It is an easy way of earning online with a minimum investment. All The investment that required is a Website/blog, dedication, Motivation and all above patience. Affiliate marketing is getting popular in Pakistan as access to the internet has become much easier now. Today we will take a look at Affiliate Marketing Programs in Pakistan that has been compiled by Paktechinfo. so learn how to join and from any Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Affiliate marketing Programs in Pakistan


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Pk.GoDaddy  (Visit Pk.GoDaddy)

Pk.GoDaddy provides the web related services like  Web Development, Web hosting, Domain Name registrar, Web Security. if you own a Website you can  Join pk.GoDaddy’s domain and hosting affiliate programs with the Partner Affiliate Networks of  Commission Junction and Zanox. After your account registration, you can place ads on your Site.Whenever someone clicks that ad and purchase any service you will earn a Commission.


Using pk.Godaddy affiliate program You can earn up to 40% commission on nearly all product sales* made through your affiliate link. ( is biggest online store in Pakistan. have their online store for  Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar. They call their Affiliate ” d’Force “. They have thousand of the product of world and Pakistan’s Top brands with the categories.

  • Electronics Products
  • SmartPhones, Tablets, Laptops
  • HOME Appliances 
  • Office /House Furniture
  • Men/WomenS Fashion like  Jewellery, Bags, Eyewear,  Wallets, Caps & Gloves, Watches
  • TOYS
  • GROCER’S FOOD Coffee/Tea/Biscuits & Snacks, Sweets & Chocolate, Dry Goods and Baking, Condiments & Sauces, Canned Goods & Soups, Oil & Vinegar, LAUNDRY & HOME CARE

Who can Join D’force  & login 

  • Everybody own a website, blog or just a Social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc).Choose your products to create banner /Text Links according to your target. make your visitors click.


  • Commission up to 11%
  • You get commission if the customer purchases within 30 days of clicking 
  • Payment via local bank transfer

    Travel & Culture (Visit


Travel & Culture Services are Best tour operators. They also offer Tours, Treks, Jeep safaris, expeditions and Hotels reservations in Pakistan. You can become an Affiliate with them and can earn by promoting Traveling & Culture Services website via your website or blog. They offer 5% commission on all sales generated via you or Affiliate Links. (Visit is a Pakistani online store. They are offering Affiliate Marketing program for Blogger. They have a wide range of product categories including Electronics (like Smartphones, PCs, Laptops, Tablet Camera ), Toys, Household Items, Fashion, Sport and fitness, Wearable like Watches,  and much more. (Online Shopping Store In Pakistan) affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their website.They pay a 5% on every affiliate Sale.Their payment method is  Cheque, PayPal, Bank Transfer. (Visit ) famous Pakistani matrimonial site. They are providing Pakistani singles with the largest selection of potential marriage is live on the Internet for about 10 years.They have over 4 million members from Pakistan and around the world.

You can create an extra source of income for yourself. Affiliate will earn $0.05 on every SignUp and  25% on every Payment.

   Rana Technologies (Visit Rana Technologies)

Another Pakistani website offering Affiliate Program are Rana Technologies. They offer Web and Software Development services. You can associate with their Affiliate Program to generate commission.One good when someone clicks Affiliate link they set a cookie and record it for you.Then track your referral for up to 90 days.If the order is placed in that period you will earn a commission.

   Bizline (Visit Bizline 

Yet another Webservices provider Business provides Affiliates program in Pakistan.Like Rana technologies and they also provide services in the field of Web hosting, Domain Name registration, web and Mobile Apps Development, and internet Marketing. Bizline offers 15 % of Commission of ever sale referred whether it is a hosting or a domain name client.!

  The Ware House (Visit TheWarehouse)

The Ware Hose is an online store in Pakistan with products range for Men and Women, Stationary, Garments, Gadgets related Laptops, Pcs, Smartphones, Tablets, They pay Up to 10% commission on every referral sale.

  WEBSOULS (Visit Websouls)

Websouls is a Web hosting, Domain Name register, Dedicated Server hosting Services provider. Once you get registered on Websouls as an affiliate and you will get your login detail,  find your unique affiliate link over there. The banner or text link (affiliate link) on your website get redirected to and if the visitor makes any purchase with in next 90 days, you earn commission on every sale/sign up by that visitor.

Join any of the Affiliate Marketing Programs in Pakistan and start earning and share this information comment below to what Affiliate program do u like and going start.  


  1. One drawback of Affiliate programs of Paki websites is that the commission is very much low.
    However, something is very better than nothing.
    I have been thinking to start affiliate marketing and I think I have got the information what I was looking for.
    Thanks for the sharing valuable information.
    We recently have launched a website which basically explain how one can make easy money online.
    It explain about different online money making methods and online earning ways Earning from Facebook to Google, Earning from Freelancing to Writing an much more.

  2. Nice work… keep it up

  3. No doubt affiliate marketing is a very effective way to earn money while sleeping but in Pakistan affiliate marketing is not at that level where it should be, well if you want to do affiliate marketing there are many platform you can work with like, from where you can get data or products to promote. It does not matter if these platforms are Pakistani or not you can promote other countries products if you want to earn more. If you want to be a successful affiliate then be patience, hard work, stay focused, keep eyes on path not on destination and wait for result. best of luck

  4. Can we start through our social media pages and group by posting link there

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