How To Block a Mobile Number on an Android Phone

How To Block a Mobile Number on an Android Phone

Here you will learn how to block unwanted and annoying calls, download Call Blocker on to your Android phone. After the Download and installation are complete, tap the app’s icon to open it.

Free  Call Blocker  App Features

  • Block calls and SMS using blacklist.
  • Block unknown numbers.
  • Block SMS from alphanumeric numbers like (0345-xxxxxxx).
  • Block all numbers and Use “Whitelist” to prevent the lock of certain people.
  • “Schedule”: specify time to block calls or messages.
  • “Log” of blocking.
  •  Save/load blacklist.
  •  Turn on/off the blacklist.

How to Use Call Blocker

In the Call Blocker interface, tap the funnel icon and select Blacklist.

Press the + button, select the option for adding a number, and add the number that you want to block to the list.

Also, Enable SMS button to block SMS Also.

The next time you receive a call from the unwanted number, it will go straight to voicemail.

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