Delete Data from Lost or Stolen Smartphone Remotely Using Android Device Manager

Delete Data from Lost or Stolen Smartphone Remotely

A  step-by-step full guide to set up Android Device Manager, to find the location of your missing phone and finally blocking and Delete Data from Lost or Stolen Smartphone.

Setting From your Android SmartPhone

  • Step 01: Sign-in on Mobile your with Gmail and enable sync.

    • Create Gmail account Here if you don’t have.
    • Go to (from Android Phone ) Setting>Accounts>Googlr>click your account to sync
  • Step 02: Enable Android Device manager

    • From your Android Phone Goto Setting >Security>Device administrators>Andriod Device Manager (Some Phone May differ this).
    • Enable Andriod Device Manager
  • step 03:  Switch location access on

    If you have turned off location access on your Android phone in the past, you’ll need to switch it “ON’ to use Android Device Manager.

  • Go to Settings >  Location Access > switch on location access.


Now Goto Android Device Manager and sign in to your Google account. The Smartphone on which you completed above steps should be visible here.

Finding your phone using Android Device Manager

Go to the Android Device Manager website by sign-in with your Google account. Click on the device you want to track if you connected more than one device with this account. Android Device Manager will display your phone’s location on a map and show you when it was last online and connected to an internet Connection.

  • Click “A ” to access present Location Delete Data from Lost or stolen Smartphone


Ring, lock or erase your Android device Remotely from Website

Follow these Steps to Delete Data from Lost or stolen Smartphone.

  • Now if you’ve misplaced your phone or it was stolen, you can use Android Device Manager on the web or the app to make your phone ring loudly for a full five minutes.Even if it is set to vibrate or silent.(Click on Ring in figure pointed as “c”)
  • Click “Enable lock & Erase” and Android Device manager will send a command to the Phone to erase all data (Contact, Images, Videos etc)on your phone whenever it will be connected to the internet.

Note: The Android Device Manager will not delete data stored on an SD card, so it is recommended not to store any personal or sensitive information on your device’s SD memory card.

If you Lost your Smartphone and you don’t possess its IMEI Number. You can Find It on Google Dashboard. Scroll down to the Android and Click on it and Here you will find IMEI of your Smartphone. Now Call PTA ( 0800-25625) or CPLC Karachi Only ( 021-5682222) to Block that phone.


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