Get Confirm Verified PayPal Account In Pakistan

Verified PayPal Account In Pakistan

PayPal is an American based company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders (Wikipedia).PayPal Gateway is available in more than 190 countries excluding Pakistan. To get a verified Paypal Account you must have Payoneer MasterCard. You can use  Payoneer Mastercard to withdraw money in all over the Pakistan.

Learn here how to to get Payoneer Master Card In Pakistan After getting and activating Payoneer MasterCard you can perform the following Steps to get a verified Paypal Account in Pakistan.


  1.  You will need USA address  to verify a Paypal account  (you can try this,

  1. You also need a Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card (After applying for your Payoneer card, it will be shipped to your home address within 15-30 days moreover it depends on your address).
  2. Use one of them,  Tor Browser, Zenmate or HotSpot Shield and set location America.We Recommend Tor Browser, HotSpot Shield.

To get started you Make sure that your Payoneer card is activated and have at least $10 of funds in it as PayPal will deduct a certain amount about $1.95 for verification which will reflect in your PayPal account later.

Sign up for PayPal and verifying it Using Payoneer

  1. Go to or click here to Sign-up
  2. Select personal AccountPayPal Account in Pakistan
  3. Now enter the email same that you used for Payoneer, and choose a random Password and hit continue.
  4. On the next page, Enter the first and last name and the street address, General it using
  5. E-Mail Verification: After submitting your Application PayPal will send you an E-mail for Verification, open your mailbox and click the Link provided in PayPal email to Verify.
  6. For Phone Verification: Create an account on TextNow or install TextNow App in your Smartphone and they shall give you a virtual American number.That will be required to verify via Phone.Or Ask for the help of a friend or family member in The USA to get you one.
  7.  Now login to your PayPal Account Click on “Link a Bank” and click” I have a different Bank”. Choose bank type “Checking”. We’ll require a routing number and Bank account number.
    1. Login to your Payoneer Account and Click on Receive Payment>US Payment Service and scroll down and copy paste the routing number and account number.
  8. Once done click Agree and Link.

Within 2-3 days, PayPal will send two small transactions in your Payoneer card. You’ll receive an email containing that amount as shown below.

That all to Create a PayPal Account in Pakistan.

Important to remember

  • Do not log in again and again in your PayPal else it may get Limited.
  • Don’t use different proxies to log in.
  • Always send payment to a verified PayPal.

Disclaimer: PayPal is not officially Working in Pakistan.The Method discussed is 100% working but it is not official way of getting Paypal account in Pakistan and is not advised at all. However, in the case of any limitations or loss, the author is not responsible. We have given you exact steps and precautions.

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