How to identify if your new Laptop is New or refurbished

How to identify if your new Laptop is New or refurbished

What means ” Refurbished”

A laptop that has been returned to the dealer or manufacturer within the Warranty due to any minor defect or customer was not satisfied with the product. The company takes it back to the production line for examining and repairs to remove fault if any found. These reconditioned Laptops packed again for Sale and legally these are called “refurbished”. The manufacturer is Bound to highlights on the packaging as well as in firmware (Bios) that it is a “Refurbished product”. American Refurbished laptops are boldly written on the Packaging (Carton).


How to identify if your new Laptop is New or refurbished

The company offers these laptops to sell at about 30% to 40% lower price with a 3-month official warranty while All the specification will be same as a new laptop of the Same Model.

Some local dealers Make and replace packaging or do something else to sell those refurbish Laptops as new to Maximize their profit. Many buyers are buying these old laptops to the new price because of their ignorance. So we will guide you how to check a laptop whether it is a new one or refurbished (reconditioned).

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How to Differentiate between a new and Refurbished Laptop.

Physical Examination

Inspect the display for any small marks/scratches as these are really hard to refurbish. Also, Inspect the surface of the laptop for scratches and feel the keyboard texture. Frequent fingertip contact over time will make the buttons smooth and shiny.

Hardware v/s Software Examination

Step 01: Remove the Battery here you will find Serial#, Model#, Product# on empty compartment on Laptop.

Now note If u have an additional R at the end of the product number then it is a refurbished for Example in below image, WL729AS#ABA is the product# for the new notebook and WL729ASR#ABA will be the product number for a refurbished notebook.

Don’t stop here follow the next steps for The assurance.

Step 02:  Click Esc for HP (other brands may have a different key) during Startup to get into Bios and under the system information Check product# & serial#. If you see addition R in the product number then this is a Refurbished product.

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Important:  Also, compare the Product# and serial# found in BIOS with the chassis numbers you found by removing the Battery. If this is not the same the machine may be a refurb. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website and submit the serial number to indicate the status of the laptop (Links are given below for HP and Dell).

Step 02: You can also find Product# from Windows OS.

  1. Click  Start>Run > Type in  ” MSinfo32″ ” without the quote if you see addition R in the product number then this is a Refurbished product.
  2. In Windows, press the fn + Esc keys.

Step 03: How to check warranty status for New Laptop

Log on to Hp  Support Site or  Dell Support Site and here Enter the serial number of the product you have it will show Warranty Start and End Date. Officially Warranty calculated from the date of purchase on the receipt. If website indicates that warranty starts from any previous Date (maybe 6 months ago) then the machine may be not new.

Refurbs are a good deal if you want to procure a powerful Laptop at a reasonable price due to budget constraints but it is also morally right for the merchant to reveal the status of the laptop.

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