Pakistani People Ranked as The Third Most Willing To Fight For Country in International’s Survey

Pakistani People Ranked as The Third Most Willing To Fight For Country in Gallup International’s Global Survey

A global survey from WIN/Gallup International, the world’s leading association in market research and polling shows that 61% of those polled across 64 countries would be willing to fight for their country, while 27% would not.

Gallup International’s Global Survey recent poll reveals that three in five people in the world are willing to fight for their country and that the difference of region plays an important role in influencing the minds of its inhabitants.

Jean-Marc Leger, President of WIN/Gallup International Association, said:

“One hundred years on from the start of the First Great War we find that 61% of the world’s citizens are willing to fight for their country. However, the true story is in the regional comparison and in a time of such turmoil in the Middle East it is noticeable that willingness to fight is highest in the MENA region.

A history of those countries in recent conflict provides an interesting comparison. The Japanese (11%) are the least likely of 64 countries polled to
be willing to fight for their country. Results from Germany are similar – 18% willing to fight. By comparison these numbers are considerably lower than in the UK (27%) and France (29%). A majority (52%) of women surveyed across the globe said they would be willing to fight (vs. 67%) among men. Those aged 18-34 years (66%) are the most willing. Of the variety of religious denominations covered in the survey we see those Muslims (78%) are most willing to fight for their country.


Pakistan ranks significantly high in the ranking of countries where people are very willing to fight for their country. It ranks as the third most willing country in this regard, falling behind Fiji and Morocco only, with an overwhelming 89% people saying they will fight for their country if need be.


Survey Methodology & Sample Size and Mode of Field Work:

The WIN/Gallup International Survey is an annual tradition initiated by and designed under the chairmanship of Dr. George Gallup in 1977. It is conducted every year since then. This year it was carried out by the WIN/Gallup International Association in 64 countries around the world.

A total of 62,398 persons were interviewed globally. In each country a representative sample of around 1000 men and women was interviewed either face to face (30 countries; n=32258), via telephone (12 countries; n=9784) or online (22 countries; n=20356). Details are attached. The field work was conducted during September 2014 – December 2014. The margin of error for the survey is between 2.14 and 4.45 +3-5% at 95% confidence level.
The global average has been computed according to the share of the covered adult population of the surveyed countries.

Source: Gallup

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