PTCL EVO Wingle 9.3 Mbps Price and Packages

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  1. I m an old custmer eve wingle 9.3 with unlimited packagej & paying Rs.2000/month. I now received a message from ptcl, that my package was timed out on 1st July,2016. Howeer i may b given 100 gbs extra till 1st Otcober,16. Now what should i do to continue unlimited pakag. Secondly network speed is much slower. I m residing in P.G.E.CHS.Lahore, Near Wapda Town Lahore

  2. Mohammad Ali says:

    Evo pahle se ziyada mahnge hue hain is se zong ke paikges saste aur mb ziyada deta hy.

  3. Evo 9.3mb device price on month package rate

  4. Evo 9.3mb device price or monthly package rate

  5. Evo 9.3mbps device price

  6. muhammad adnan says:

    Ap ke evo

  7. Muhammad Saleem says:

    Sir hamry ilaqy mein 3g evo single ki service ha my area jummy wala dera near 14mr and khan pour marl 3killo meter door ha. Zola multan

  8. Muhammad Saleem says:

    Phone number 03036712377 &03037237896-03089218664

  9. evo balance nahi raha hai evo

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