Revised Telenor Internet Bundles Offers 2017

Revised Telenor Internet Bundles 2017Telenor Internet Bundles 2017

Telenor Internet bundles prices have been revised from 1st July 2017

As the new financial year start, Telenor has revised prices of their Internet Bundles and offers to implement the Taxes By announced by Government Of Pakistan for the year 2017-2018.
Telenor Customer, effective 1st July 2017, Withholding Tax on recharge (where applicable) is being reduced from 14% to 12.5%.  FED (on Voice/SMS & other services) is also being revised as follows:
  • For AJK and ICT customers, it is being reduced from 18.5% to 17%
  • For Sindh customers, it is being increased from 19% to 19.5%

Additionally, prices of prepaid internet bundles are being revised upwards. For the convenience of customers, prices will remain inclusive of taxes. 

Telenor Internet Bundles /Offers Daily

ValidityOffer NameNew StringQuota (MBs)Old PricesNew pricesTime Window
1 daySocial Pack(Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp)*5*325#10056
1 hrHourly Video Bundle (Youtube, Dailymotion, Pocket TV)*60#50088
1 dayRaat Din Offer*150#1500101212am – 12pm
1 hrHourly Bundle*345*981#5001212
1 day4G Daily Lite*12#501212
1 dayUnlimited Internet Offer*10#35013161am – 7pm
1 day4G Daily*13#1001518

 Telenor Internet Bundles Offers 3 days

ValidityOffer NameNew StringQuota (MBs)Old pricesNew prices
3 days4G 3 Day*32#200 + 200MB Fb3542
3 daysDjuice All in One Offer*2*20#500+75 Balance4550

Telenor Internet Bundles Offers 7 Days

ValidityOffer NameNew StringQuota (MBs)Old pricesNew PricesTime Window
7 daysWeekly unlimited internet offer*71#200070851am – 7pm
7 days4G Weekly*72#7507575
7 days4G Weekly Plus*73#1200100120
7 daysDjuice Weekly*345*75#1250+100 Balance85100
7 daysDjuice Weekly Plus*345*88#3000+50 Balance + 150 onnet mins125150

Telenor Monthly Internet Bundles Offers

ValidityOffer NameNew StringOld Quota (MBs)Old pricesNew PricesNew Quota (MBs)
30 days4G Monthly Lite*301#2GB + 1GB Pocket TV1401702GB + 1GB Pocket TV
30 days4G Monthly Starter*302#2,2503002503,000
30 days4G Monthly*303#4,0004785006,000
30 daysDjuice All In One Monthly*345*246#5,000 + 250 Balance4004805,000+250 Balance
30 days4G Monthly Plus*345*136#10,500119575010,000

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