Wi-Tribe Blessed Friday offering 70 % OFF on all 4.5G LTE-A internet Activation

Wi-Tribe Blessed Friday offering 70 % OFF on all 4.5G LTE-A internet Activation with FIRST MONTH FREE!

Every Friday is a Blessed Friday The last week of November has become synonymous with discount deals in Pakistan like the rest of the World. There has been a battle on the Digital waves about Friday being Black, White, Yellow or Bright! Friday can be whatever one wants it to be but for us Muslims it will always be a Blessed Friday.Wi-Tribe Blessed Friday

One offer that grabs immediate attention in the multitudes of offers is from Wi-tribe Pakistan, they are offering mouthwatering deals on their 4.5G LTE-Advanced & 3G WiMAX plans. You can get 70% off on 4.5G Activation with the 1st Month Absolutely FREE & for 3G Speeds 50% off on Activation.

Surely you cannot get a sweeter deal from any other Internet provider. The recent launch of 4.5G LTE-A services have been a great success for the Company and the amount of satisfied customers are increasing every day with great pace. The unveiling of 4.5G LTE-Advanced internet services has also shifted the load from wi-tribe’s 3G speed users and has resulted in even better speeds for them.

This is the perfect time to grab your 4.5G or 3G Wi-tribe connection and settle all your digital troubles. Wi-tribe Blessed Friday Offer is valid till Sunday 26th November 2017 so hurry up and grab your 3G & 4.5G speeds connection with MEGA discounts.

You can find out more details by visiting their attractive website ( www.wi-tribe.pk) or by calling wi-tribe helpline 111-187-423.